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About Our Services

We use highly effective training and supplementation programs based on your individual hormonal imbalances and body's protocol. Whether your goal is power, strength, or weight loss our trainers are highly trained and ready to assist you with your goals!


Individual or Group Training

We use our skills and abilities for safe and effective exercise and fitness program design, instruction and assistance for the purpose of reaching personal health and fitness goals.


Body Fat Assessment

The process entails a twelve-site body fat test, which clues the personal trainer in on which hormone imbalances are present. Specific nutritional and exercise protocols are then assigned based on where fat is stored in the body.


Nutrition Plans

Most people know good nutrition and physical activity can help maintain a healthy weight. It can be overwhelming to tackle the nutritional side on your own while trying to change your lifestyle. Let us help you design a plan that will work for you.



A process designed to help reduce body fat in specific areas of the body by balancing the hormone profile.


Acute Rehab & Chronic Pain Management

This service will help mitigate injuries and bring you safely back to health. If you suffer from pain let us help you today!


Common injuries seen are: Golfer's elbow, Tennis elbow, Thoracic outlet, Carpal tunnel, Sciatica, Jumper's knee, Shoulder, Elbow, Knee, Ankle, Low back, Hip


Program Design

We are happy to design a program for anyone that wants structure to their workout or to target a specific type of training, but does not want to meet with a trainer on a regular basis.

*Must be a member of the Pound4Pound Gym to use our services or pay a $10 fee per session for gym use.

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